3D Cone Beam CT Imaging

Gendex 3D Cone Beam CT for 3D Imaging

For your benefit, Dr. McLellan, Dr. Kiesling and Dr. Johnson use the latest in imaging technology for your diagnosis, treatment planning, and surgical guiding of advanced procedures.

Cone Beam CT’s (CBCT) are a smaller, faster, and safer alternative to the medical CT machines.  These newer machines can provide up to 20x less radiation than conventional CT machines, and the time needed to scan is less than one minute, making it very easy and comfortable for the patient.  The scan is performed while the patient is in either a standing or a seated position.

“CBCT allows implant surgeries to be performed with a full 3 Dimensional understanding of every patient’s unique anatomy”

The CBCT allow’s the doctors to view images in three dimensions (3D), which provides and un-paralleled view of the imaging field.  This affords our doctors a greater understanding of the patient’s oral health condition and relative anatomy, and creates a more accurate and precise treatment plan and surgical procedure.

Gendex 3D Cone Beam CT machine.

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