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My experience at Associated Dental Care of Helena has been a treat. And that's saying something because, you know, it's the "Dentists Office" after all....! My wife had been seen there on several occasions, and when I moved to Helena she recommended that I see her dentist, Dr. Ingrid McLellan, when it came time to do so. Dr. McLellan was a delight to chat with, and was very thorough in explaining procedures and answering the questions I had. Her 'chairside manner' was wonderful, as well as that of her Dental Assitant, Mary. For the implant I'd chosen (to replace a broken tooth), I then saw Dr. Brandon Kiesling. If I'd thought my very positive experience with Dr. McLellan was a fluke, that thought was short-lived. Dr. Kiesling immediately demonstrated a wonderful manner as well, and was also a delight to chat with. Regarding the many technical details of the implant procedure it was reassuring to see that Dr. Kiesling, although a younger dentist, had done this many times before. In fact I would say that 'quiet competence' is what distinguishes the staff here, in my mind, from some other dental offices I've visited. As a patient, this is a great feeling to have. Then one can simply relax, let these obviously very caring professionals do their work, and see how many times you can get them to laugh at your frequently awful jokes 🙂 P.S. - Cleanings with Dental Hygienist Amy have been not only educational for me (down to who's having a sale on the best SonicCare Toothbrush!), but just as pleasant as every other office visit I've had there. Amy has a very tender manner, and touch. Likely, I think, to be quite compatible and reassuring even to those with anxiety about 'going to the dentist'. Great job, Associated Dental Care of Helena! I will recommend you all to anyone I know who is in need of kind, competent dental care 🙂

- Michael C

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Dr. Ingrid McLellan and Dr. Brandon Kiesling both have an AMAZINGLY great 'chair-side manner'. I've never had such engaging, competent, and patient-friendly dental care!